Meet the Flyers Club: Gaby Martinez

Meet the Flyers Club: Gaby Martinez

The Flyers Club is a group we created to celebrate people in our community with big ideas and even bigger personal style. We’re here to get to know YOU and share the people, places, and things that inspire you.

This week’s Flyers Club feature is Gaby Martinez. Originally from Texas, Gaby now lives in LA where she recently found ceramics and quickly became obsessed. Her art has become an outlet for her as well as an expression that she hopes makes other people smile.

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

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Favorite PF Flyers sneaker?

Center Hi Tops in Sea Salt

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

Gaby’s creative expression comes through her art as much as it shows up in what she wears.

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Describe yourself in three words

Tall, Latin, brunette

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I’m not sure. Ask away, I’m an open book.

What’s one thing everyone knows about you?

That I’m tall.

Vintage or new?


Who/what are your biggest style inspirations?

Diane Keaton

What’s your current music obsession?

Hermanos Gutiérrez

“[My favorite word] is sonder. Look it up, I promise it’s a good one.”

Black or white?


How do you define your style?


Something you learned way later than you should have?

How to do my taxes. They should teach us that in school!

“[The biggest risk I’ve taken] was moving to LA five months ago”

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

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Biggest risk you’ve taken?

Moving to LA five months ago

Biggest fashion risk you’ve taken?

Probably wearing that bubble shirt that was popular and the bubble backpack together back in middle school.

One thing about you that would surprise your childhood self

I do ceramics now!

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

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Vacation or staycation?


Best Instagram/TikTok account you follow?

@makingmadeline :)

Last book you read?

Crying in H Mart

Dream job if money didn’t matter?

A ceramicist

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

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Location of your dream vacation?

Mexico City. I’ve been before, but it’s my favorite city in the world.

The food, place, or song that makes you feel nostalgic

Carne Mechada and arepas. A Venezuelan dish my grandmother and mom would make when I was growing up. That smell could make me cry happy tears.

The outfit you’re most comfortable in?

My clay covered overalls

This year, I really want to…

Start my own pottery business

Sneakers 7 days a week or only on the weekends?

Probably on the weekends. I tend to switch between sneakers and my cowboy boots.

One thing you’re a real nerd about?

Depends on the season, but right now it’s ceramics!

A fact, quote, or piece of advice you’re obsessed with

It’s a word—sonder. Look it up, I promise it’s a good one.

Gaby Martinez x PF. Flyers

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Tell us (and the world) about YOU, who you are, and how you’re changing the game in your niche/world/domain

Hi my name is Gaby! I just moved to Los Angeles, CA from Texas. I will always be a Texas girl but LA has welcomed me with open arms! I recently found ceramics and quickly I have become properly obsessed. It’s become my safe space. I hope to make people smile and feel a tad nostalgic with my doodles. Life is really cool right now, and I just want to share that feeling through my pieces.

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