History of PF. Flyers

Learn more about PF Flyers' history and uncover the pivotal moments and milestones that have shaped the brand into the renowned name it is today.


PF Flyers Sneaker with the quote "Run faster, jump higher"

PF, or Posture Foundation, is born. The first insole designed specifically for sport shoes, it was a breakthrough in cushioning and support and became the brand name PF in 1937. PF sport styles were renowned for helping you "run faster and jump higher." Deep athletic traditions from court, track and field continue to influence PF designs.


Bob Cousy of the Boston Celtics wearing PF Flyers

In the first ever collaboration between a pro-athlete and a footwear company, Bob Cousy of the Boston Celtics, basketball's first superstar, catapulted to sports legend wearing PF Flyers. Together Cousy and PF created a string of iconic basketball styles that still influence the category today.


PF Flyers black center lo sneakers

By the 1970s, PF was one of the most popular sneaker brands in the country. The PF sneaker became essential footwear for a trendsetting generation. From the campus to the club, the brand had become an American institution, later lionized in films such as "The Sandlot."


Person putting on PF Flyers high top sneakers

Acquired by her family-owned company New Balance in July of 2021, Kassia Davis is now at the helm of PF Flyers and ready to transform it into the iconic brand she believes it was destined to be. In addition to offering the existing heritage styles, PF will roll out new styles in 2023, aimed at today's modern consumer, with a focus on developing a stronger female voice across both the products and the brand.

Kassia Davis Chairwoman PF Flyers
A Letter from our Chairwoman

Kassia Davis

I’ve been invested in PF Flyers from the start. Growing up in the footwear industry, I became passionate about creative design and branding in the fashion space, so having the opportunity to spearhead the growth of an iconic lifestyle brand like PF Flyers is a dream come true for me. I look forward to using my personal and professional experience from the industry to evolve PF Flyers into the brand it has the potential to be. We won’t lose its heritage or fan favorites, but we will continue to challenge the status quo. Complacency has never been an option for me; it’s so important for me to push myself out of my comfort zone every day - and I plan to lead a team that is ready to do the same. We will build timeless products rooted in heritage, but focused on innovation, that empower today’s consumer to embrace evolution and self-expression.

kassia davis, executive chairwoman

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