Posture Foundation

Discover the origins of PF. Flyers (Posture Foundation), the pioneering brand that introduced the first-ever insole engineered for athletic footwear.

Guitarist wearing PF Flyers on stage at a concert

SINCE 1937

PF, or Posture Foundation is born. The first insole designed specifically for sport shoes, it was a breakthrough in cushioning and support and became the brand name PF in 1937. PF sport styles were renowned for helping you “run faster and jump higher.” 

  • posture


    A way of dealing with something; an attitude of approach.

  • foundation


    Basis or principle that we do business as unusual.

Person with a tattooed arm putting on PF Flyers sneakers


Today we design for all individuals. Our sneakers are modern and wearable, taking clear inspiration from our sportswear heritage. Comfort is still at the core of everything we design, and the result is a brand where form meets function in unexpected ways.

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