5 ways to wear the All American Hi with Straight Leg Jeans

5 ways to wear the All American Hi with Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg pants offer a timeless look, and they’re especially popular right now because they offer a cool, slightly relaxed vibe, while flattering a wide range of body shapes. Sign us up. The challenge is they don’t readily pair with the lineup of shoes in your closet—a chunky sneaker will cause your jeans to pool at the ankle, a low profile flat gets lost in the outfit, and high shaft boots are too narrow for a tucked in look. With evolved style greatness, comes the perfect shoe pairing—look no further than the All American Hi.

The classic hi top silhouette of the All American hits your ankle at just the right height. They’re designed to fit under the hemline of your jeans, and the slim profile of the shoe keeps your outfit looking streamlined and polished. Taking cues from our start in the 1930’s, this sneaker honors traditional American style, with a look that is distinctly reinvented for today. AKA it’s the start of a lot of great outfits.

Here’s how we’d style the All American Hi with our favorite denim:

Look 1— The All American Hi in Sea Salt

All American Sea Salt Sneakers

Keep it monochrome with (winter) white jeans and a neutral button down.

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Look 2— The All American Hi in Black


All American Sneakers Black


Go for a timeless look with black jeans and your favorite worn-in tshirt.

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Look 3 — The All American Hi in Golden Spice


All American Golden Spice


Jeans with a raw hem guarantee this pair will be on display. Balance out the look with your go-to henley.

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Look 4 — The All American Hi in Aventurine


All American Aventurine


Amp up the jewel tones. Pair with a boxy sweater in shades of ruby or sapphire for a look that’s sure to bring on the compliments.

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Look 5 — The All American Hi in Blush


All American Blush


A light wash denim is the perfect counterpart for this feminine colorway. Pair with a leather jacket for some unexpected edge.

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We can’t wait to see how you’re wearing the All American Hi. Go ahead, show off your style.

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