PF. Flyers and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

PF. Flyers x Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

With a heritage that’s deeply rooted in basketball history, we have a natural affinity for local programs that engage our home team. Each summer PF. Flyers works with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston to give 10 kids the opportunity to attend the Celtics basketball camp in Brighton, and we hope to expand our partnership by providing internship opportunities and mentor/mentee relationships to the club’s young leaders. As a startup we don’t have the resources to donate to organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs the same way that a larger corporation would be able to, so we have to get creative in order to make a significant impact.

This summer, we also had the opportunity to host kids from the BGCB in our office in Brighton. They spent the day with us learning about the brand and customizing their own pair of PF. sneakers.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

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We talked to our Chairwoman, Kassia Davis, about the work the BGCB does and why it means so much to her and the PF Flyers brand—

What type of work does the Boys & Girls Clubs do to support the city and surrounding communities?

Clubs provide a safe place, caring adult mentors, fun activities, high-impact youth development programs, homework support, and meals on a daily basis during critical non-school hours.

What inspired this partnership?

I’m on the board of the West End House Boys and Girls Club, so I know that the values of this organization align with my personal values.

What is most rewarding to you about giving back to the local community?

I love being able to provide kids with opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have that push them to their fullest potential.

How does this partnership connect to what PF Flyers values as a brand?

I’m a firm believer in evolution and embracing the chance to learn and grow, and I’m working to build a brand that prioritizes the same values. We work with BGCB so we can empower their youth to evolve, learn and grow by mentoring them, coaching them and providing them with career guidance.

Kassia Davis & Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

Want to get involved? Learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and how you can support their mission here:

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