'The Sandlot' FOR-EV-ER

'The Sandlot' FOR-EV-ER

If it feels like just yesterday that you first watched Benny Rodriguez explain how his P.F. Flyers help him "run faster and jump higher,” you're not alone. 'The Sandlot,' a timeless classic film seems as present in culture today as it was over 30 years ago when it brought our classic shoe to the big screen. Few movies so perfectly captured our collective experience growing up in the '80s–telling secrets in the treehouse, seeing crushes at the pool, and of course, playing baseball wherever we could find space for four bases and an outfield.

Turning it on three decades later, we're instantly transported back to that era–reminded of simpler days and simpler times. And yet, looking around at the kids (and adults!) of today, we're reminded that the spirit of sandlot lives on. They're still building ballparks out of empty lots, still spending summer afternoons at the pool, and telling tall tales to their friends that turn into legends.

P.F. Flyers The 1993

And so it makes sense that, just like the movie, the legend of P.F. Flyers continues to grow. They're still imbued with the same spirit that sent Benny the Jet screaming around those bases and all the way to the major leagues, but modernized to keep up with the latest generation of Bennies, Hams, Smallses, and Squints. In P.F. Flyers, we can always tap back into our sandlot selves. Because as the Babe Ruth tells Benny, legends never die.

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