Welcome to the New Game

Welcome to the New Game

We’re a sneaker brand that’s been around for over 80 years. What started as a revolution in comfort and support in sport shoes, later became a style mainstay on American college campuses. Today, we’re a breakout brand for a trendsetting generation. With our heritage in the footwear industry comes the responsibility to continue innovating for today’s flyers and evolving our designs to meet your need for self-expression.

The next wave of PF Flyers began when we were acquired by Kassia Designs LLC in July of 2021. With new leadership at our helm, championed by Executive Chairwoman Kassia Davis, we’re committed to driving change—in the sneaker world and in your world. The footwear industry has been slow to leave the patriarchy behind, and we see a need to challenge the status quo. We spent the last 12 months laying the groundwork for what’s to come next, and this year you’ll start to see a more inclusive point of view in our designs as we work to set the standard for a world that isn’t guided by gender but rather, personal style. Our path forward is one of celebrating the individual, and we’re working to offer an expanded range of designs that meet the needs of everyone by over the next few years.

As we evolve PF Flyers, we will look to lead with a fashion forward approach, and we’re ready to show the world how different normal can look. Get ready to see a lot more diversity, more style points of view, and more real world inspiration. We’re not just bringing you along for the ride, we’re putting you front and center. It starts with building a community that welcomes and celebrates all individuals, the he, she, or they. The company we keep isn’t the ordinary type of crowd. We attract the bold, brave, contrarian kind of people who take pride in being an individual, and we want your personal style at the forefront of our brand.

As part of our community, we encourage you to rally behind our mantra— We can think and act differently.

As a modern brand, we have the opportunity to connect like-minded people online and in real life—to give them a place to feed off one another, to inspire and be inspired, and to show themselves off. That’s what this space is intended to do.

We’ve all read the rule book. It’s time we refuse to play by it. Find your personal style and start sharing it.

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