Behind-The-Scenes: Designing the Desert Adventure Collection

Behind-The-Scenes: Designing the Desert Adventure Collection
P.F. Flyers Ryan Mauer

We caught up with Ryan Mauer, our product designer here at P.F. Flyers, to chat about the latest Desert Adventure Collection. Learn more about the creative process and the secrets behind designing your favorite footwear.

Q: What inspired the color palette for this collection?

A: The color palette draws inspiration from Palm Springs. Three iconic elements associated with the area include the desert sand (Safari), contemporary architecture (Ultimate Gray), and vibrant sunsets (Ginger Spice).

P.F. Flyers Desert Adventure Collection

Q: Can you walk us through your creative process when selecting colors for this collection?

A: Embracing the Palm Springs theme and really imagining our Flyers in different environments. The Safari is the most casual and wearable for multiple occasions. The Ultimate Gray feels more modern and can be worn a bit more dressed up, while the Ginger Spice is just a fun color for someone to express themselves with a bit more energy.

Q: What do you hope customers feel when they wear these sneakers?

A: I was walking to the park on a beautiful day with my daughter wearing the Safari Lo shoes and actually experienced this feeling myself, so it's easy to answer: Relaxed and Free!

P.F. Flyers Desert Adventure Collection

Q: How do you balance incorporating desert-inspired hues with ensuring the colors resonate with our Flyers?

A: I always provide a range to give our consumers options and different vibes.

As we wrap up our conversation with Ryan, it’s clear that the Desert Adventure Collection is more than just footwear; it’s a tribute to the sublime landscapes of Palm Springs and a testament to thoughtful design. Be sure to explore the entire range, inspired by the expansive high desert landscape.

P.F. Flyers Desert Adventure Collection


Discover your perfect pair and embark on your own desert adventure with P.F. Flyers.

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