Legends of the Game: Bob Cousy and the All-American

Legends of the Game: Bob Cousy and the All-American

It's October of 1957, and the expectations in Boston couldn't be higher. Coming off two disappointing seasons, coach Red Aurbech of the Boston Celtics made a few key draft picks in the off-season, namely a defensive center named Bill Russell, to help round out a team led by star point guard Bob Cousy.


P.F. Flyers Bob Cousy All-American


Nicknamed "The Houdini of the Hardwood," Bob Cousy played his position in revolutionary style. He threw assists behind the back and without looking. He dribbled effortlessly with both hands. He scored from half-court regularly. He was far and away the best player at his position, but came into the '57 season with a new determination to win a title, and a brand new shoe to help make it happen: the P.F. Flyers All-American.


P.F. Flyers Bob Cousy All-American


A high-top canvas sneaker with a rubber toe cap and outsole made from a combination of materials as fast as they were durable–qualities that describe Cousy as much as the shoe. It started the first-ever sneaker endorsement between a pro athlete and a footwear company. And for Cousy and the Celtics, it started a dynasty. Cousy's scoring and passing led the Celtics to the NBA title for six of the next seven years. Cousy earned All-Star nominations each season and led the league in assists for eight consecutive seasons.


P.F. Flyers Bob Cousy All-American

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Over six decades later, Bob Cousy remains one of the best point guards ever to play the position. And much like the timeless style of the All-American, Cousy's game would fit in perfectly today–on court and off.


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