Meet the Flyers Club: Raphael Verela

Meet the Flyers Club: Raphael Verela

The Flyers Club is a group we created to celebrate people in our community with big ideas and even bigger personal style. We’re here to get to know YOU and share the people, places, and things that inspire you.

This week’s Flyers Club feature is Raphael Verela. After serving in the Marine Corps for over six years, Raphael set out to make a living out of his passion for fitness. He started what’s now known as Circuit Works out of his garage in 2008. Over the years Raphael designed a dynamic fitness program that offers a unique combination of programming, personalized instruction, and balance training. In his spare time, he enjoys salsa dancing and fishing.

PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

Favorite PF Flyers sneaker?

All American Hi Top

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Describe yourself in three words

committed, driven, loyal

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I dance Salsa, and I used to be an actor.

What’s one thing everyone knows about you?

I love fitness.

PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

When it comes to sneaker style, Raphael reaches for classic court-inspired silhouettes like the Center Lo. An archival reissue pulled from the PF vaults, the Center Lo features our signature vertically-ribbed toe guard, distinctive treaded outsole, and the Posture Foundation insert that revolutionized sneaker comfort and made PF Flyers a household name.

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Vintage or new?


Who/what are your biggest style inspirations?

John Varvatos

What’s your current music obsession?


Black or white?


How would you define your style?


Something you learned way later than you should have?


PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

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Biggest risk you’ve taken?

Opening my first fitness studio

Biggest fashion risk you’ve taken?

Cowboy boots and hat

One thing about you that would surprise your childhood self

I was in the Marine Corps for 6+ years

Vacation or staycation?


Best Instagram/TikTok account you follow?

My daughter’s IG

Last book you read?

The E Myth

Dream job if money didn’t matter?

I’m doing it—a fitness studio owner.

PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

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Location of your dream vacation?


The food, place, or song that makes you feel nostalgic


The outfit you’re most comfortable in?

Jeans and a t-shirt

This year, I really want to…

Open a second location

Sneakers 7 days a week or only on the weekends?

7 days a week

PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

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“Commitment gets you to start but consistency gets you to the finish line.”

One thing you’re a real nerd about?


A fact, quote, or piece of advice you’re obsessed with

Commitment gets you to start but consistency gets you to the finish line.

PF. Flyers x Raphael Verela

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Tell us (and the world) about YOU, who you are, and how you’re changing the game in your niche/world/domain

I’m a six-year United States Marine Corps veteran. I created and operated the first outdoor boot camp fitness program called Optimum Boot Camp. My experience and education in the health and fitness industry got me recognized as one of the best trainers in Southern California in 2010. I started my fitness business out of my garage in 2008 and that was the birth of what is now known as Circuit Works. This dynamic program called Circuit Works offers 4 game changing aspects that separates it from the competition:

  • Evolutionary programming—We perform regular updates on a variety of exercises and exercise equipment.
  • Personalized Instruction—We provide real personal training in a group setting with micro adjustments.
  • Balanced Training—Our studio provides an even amount of strength and cardio in every class.
  • Proportionate Guidance—We incorporate Zone Training with our heart rate monitor system. This allows our clients to train smarter, not harder, by staying in their individual heart rate zones and at the same time monitor how hard or easy they are personally training.
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