Meet The Flyers Club & Tony Logan AKA Tony Thrifts

Meet The Flyers Club & Tony Logan AKA Tony Thrifts

Welcome to the Flyers Club—a group we created to celebrate people in our community with big ideas and even bigger personal style. We’re here to get to know YOU and share the people, places, and things that inspire you.

First up is Tony Logan AKA Tony Thrifts. Tony is a Teacher’s Assistant and longtime fashion writer who now runs a book publishing company with his sister called Little Bridge Publishing. He’s always been drawn to fashion and continues to work as a personal stylist on the side. Tony lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and when he’s not working, you can find him in a local café drinking a white mocha.

Favorite PF Flyers sneaker?

All American Hi in Sea Salt! It’s such a clean everyday sneaker!

“Style is only timeless if you can wear it for any occasion at any moment, which is why I love the Sea Salt Hi Top.”

Describe yourself in three words

Open-minded, centered, and unique

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

I am terrible at math!

What’s one thing everyone knows about you?

I love hot coffee and will drink it no matter how hot it is outside

Vintage or new?


Style inspiration?

My biggest style inspirations come from Jazz artists. I personally think they are the best dressed people on earth.

What’s your current music obsession?

I’ve actually been on a Tribe Called Quest vibe lately.

Black or white?


How do you define style?

I define my style as “Café Vibes.”

Something you learned way later than you should have?

I learned never to base my life solely on accomplishments.

Accomplishments are great, but I want to live a life of service and gratitude and less on ego and pride.

Biggest risk you’ve taken?

The biggest risk I’ve taken was to be myself. Discovering who I am and what my purpose is, is a risk that I hope everyone takes one day.

Biggest fashion risk you’ve taken?

The biggest fashion risk I’ve taken was pulling off a cropped shirt with loose jeans! It was a cool summer vibe.

One thing about you that would surprise your childhood self

That I will definitely keep the old school jams that my parents played in rotation. They actually have amazing music taste!

Vacation or staycation?


Best Instagram/TikTok account you follow?

My favorite IG account currently is @source_material. I love the aesthetics.

Last book you read?

The last book I read was Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth by Richard J. Foster.

Dream job if money didn’t matter?

My dream job would be what I’m doing now teaching kids. It’s the best job in the world!

Location of your dream vacation?


The food, place, or song that makes you feel nostalgic

N.E.R.D. In Search Of—that whole album gives me nostalgic vibes.

The outfit you’re most comfortable in?

A pair of loose navy chinos, a beige hoodie, a comfortable sneaker, with a beanie and bomber jacket.

This year, I really want to…

Travel to Puerto Rico with my wife and have coffee on the beach.

Sneakers 7 days a week or only on the weekends?

Because I’m a Teacher Assistant, it’s only on the weekend! :(

“Comfort, durability, and style are essential, especially in sneakers.”

One thing you’re a real nerd about?

Early hip-hop and Jazz

A fact, quote, or piece of advice you’re obsessed with

A quote my grandfather used to say, “The truth doesn’t require many words.”

Tell us (and the world) about YOU, who you are, and how you’re changing the game in your niche/world/domain

I’m changing the game by being a community builder in my hometown! I have a small group for men called “My Brother’s Keeper,” where men can come together in a safe space to talk about life challenges in a local cafe. The only way we can see the change in the world is to start by being the change in our neighborhoods that impact our community. It’s just another great way to see how coffee and conversations can bring people closer together.

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