P.F. Flyers Celebrates Our Female Leaders

P.F. Flyers Celebrates Our Female Leaders

P.F. Flyers is proud to be run by more than a few incredible women who push our brand forward while keeping it true to our roots. We asked our CEO, Kassia Davis, our CMO, Lisa Lewis, our Head of Product, Caitlin Bendiak, and our Head of Business Operations, Mona Simmons a few questions so we could get to know our fearless, female leaders a little better.

What makes P.F. Flyers unique?

Kassia: I've always felt that this brand is iconic. It's an American classic with so much history and authenticity. I'm passionate about evolving it into the brand that it has the potential to be.

Lisa: Its authenticity. It gets criticized for being similar to other well-known brands, but the fact of the matter is that P.F. has been around just as long and has always been about quality and comfort. It's easy to make canvas shoes, but to make them with a level of craftsmanship, using higher quality materials to be the most comfortable, that's what makes us unique.

Caitlin: P.F. Flyers has a unique culture and approach to how we work. We work collaboratively, make decisions quickly as a team, and try to have fun while doing it.

Mona: We are a small team with limitless enthusiasm and positivity for this brand that we all love.

What's your favorite P.F. Flyers shoe?

Kassia: The Sea Salt Center Lo.

Lisa: The All-American Silver Leather. I mean, what's not to love about this shoe? I love shoes that add a little extra oomph to a simple tee and jeans kind of outfit.

Caitlin: The Center Hi is my favorite because it is classic, versatile, and comfortable.

Mona: The Allston. They are the most comfortable sneakers in my closet, and I love the classic monotone style.

What's your favorite way to style your P.F. Flyers?

Kassia: I'm 7 months pregnant, so I currently wear them every day with a midi sweater dress or a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater.

Lisa: Jeans, simple tee, fun socks and Flyers. I tend to go with colors or designs that make an outfit pop.

Caitlin: I style mine with cropped high-waisted denim, crew socks, a tee, and a cropped bomber jacket.

Mona: I recently wore my Allston sneakers with a long silky skirt. It was a good mix of dressy with a slight edge.

How does it feel working on a team of predominantly women?

Kassia: Great! We all share similar work ethics, the same values, and have young kids. This is all so important in order to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Lisa: Refreshing, especially with this group. In my career, there was and has been a lot of competitiveness amongst women and with this team, we all really support one another and listen to each other's ideas. We are a small team and having us all able to rely on one another, and trust that we all have good intentions, makes getting through challenging times a lot easier.

Caitlin: It's empowering to be surrounded by strong, smart, successful women.

Mona: It is refreshing to be in the company of powerhouse, goal-driven women in an industry that has historically been led by men. These women have mastered balancing hard work for a brand we all care about while being amazing and present mothers.

Who are the women heroes that inspire you?

Kassia: Sara Blakely, Eva Longoria, and Mikaela Shiffrin, among many others.

Lisa: My grandmother. She passed away last year at the age of 95, and I am not sure she ever knew how much she inspired me, but she did. And really it was just about her simple ways. Coming to this country from the Azores, starting a life here, and never wanting more than the home and family she built. Her simplicity in a world so complex of wanting and needing is truly something that helps put things into perspective for me every day.

Caitlin: Simone Biles. My daughter looks up to her, so we have read and watched a lot about her. She is the most decorated American gymnast in history and accomplished that even when the odds were stacked against her. She is the first female and African American to accomplish what she has. She is determined, hard-working, and strong–a positive role model and inspiration for young girls and women.

Mona: My mom. As an immigrant from a humble background, she defines what it means to have hustle and grit. In addition to my mom, I'm inspired by Megan Rapinoe. She was not only a champion on the pitch, but she made great strides for equal pay for female professional athletes, paving the way for the future. Her perseverance is inspiring.

What can a shoe company do to champion women?

Kassia: In a male-dominated industry, we can prove that a brand can succeed with a team of women at the helm.

Lisa: Really genuinely consider the women's foot when making the products. Women's feet are different than men's and we shouldn't be subjected to wearing a men's shoe that has just been shrunken down for a women's size. We need to be supportive of women's feet in different ways than our male counterparts. It's certainly a big undertaking, but one that should always be in progress if you support selling shoes for and to women.

Caitlin: We can support women by fueling their confidence with comfortable, timeless style.

Mona: We can build a community of Flyers who appreciate timeless style and can inspire each other to Run Faster, Jump Higher, and Fly Free!

Today and every day, we celebrate these women who keep P.F. Flyers flying.

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