Reinventing two of our PF classics

Reinventing two of our PF classics

Over the last few months, we brought together female sneaker artists Ann Duskus and Vicky Vuong for their first ever collaboration with PF. Flyers to reinvent the Allston and the Center Hi. Ann is an innovative footwear designer fueled by curiosity. Her approach is rooted in "what if," utilizing divergent thinking that stretches boundaries while capable of cleverly fusing creativity with brand integrity. Vicky is known for taking the creative potential of sneakers to the extreme, using sneakers as a canvas for her intricate painting practice. Her meticulous steady hand and love of color result in unique wearable art.

This is the first time PF. Flyers has engaged talented artists to reconstruct our iconic Center Hi align with our newest model, the Allston —and, it's pure magic. Take a look at some of their creative process—

The final designs—

PF Flyers Sneakers

PF Flyers Sneakers

We asked Ann and Vicky to sound off on where they find inspiration and what they admire about each other's creative approach—

Describe your sneaker style in three words.


Vicky: Cool, Comfortable, and Classy.

Where do you find inspiration for a new design or project?

Ann: Most recently I'm frequently inspired by pop culture. What's great about it is that it's a constant source of inspiration. The Barbie movie and Riri's Met Gala look both found its way into my designs this year.

Vicky: My daily life! Everything around you can be a source of inspiration, and I love turning unexpected ideas into sneaker designs. I am captivated by texture, color, and juxtaposition. Whether it's my fast food guilty pleasure or a plant I see on my latest hike, anything can spark a new idea.

What do you love most about each other's style?

Ann: What I love most about Vicky's style is her playfulness! Woman is not afraid to experiment with color, volume, and trends. She also has the best accessories.

Vicky: Ann is confident, sophisticated, and unapologetic in her style. She has the best eye for styling items that don't conventionally go together but makes them look so good! She also always comes to the studio absolutely dressed to the nines.

What was the best part about collaborating on this project?

Ann: The absolute best part about collaborating on this project with Vicky was just how easy it was. It's no secret that I am an overthinking control freak and I hold everything to a very high standard. But because we're literally the same in that regard and we know each other's quirks so well, that what might typically be challenging in a working relationship is non-existent between us. She is so thoughtful, considerate, and supportive; I am so blessed!!! Shout out to the wonderful team at PF for supporting us and our vision for this collab 3

Vicky: The best part of the project was working with people that can read my mind and my heart. We are so in sync with our approach and philosophies that a lot of details were unspoken—it just wasn't necessary. Ann and I communicate on a high level and trust each other so much that we can focus on what we do best and bring what we excel in, to the collaboration. It was such a dream to be working with Ann and the amazing PF team. Cheers to many more collaborations in the future!

Pf Flyers Sneakers

Best Instagram or TikTok style account you follow?

Ann: @JennaLyonsNYC and @JuneAmbrose. Icons. Periodt.

Vicky: @yoon_ambush and @celestebarber

Fill in the blank: The perfect pair of sneakers ____

Ann: is the one you wear everyday!

Vicky: are CUSTOMS, of course.

Thanks to Ann and Vicky for this one-of-a-kind collaboration. We hope their creativity inspires the rest of our community to rock your own custom sneakers.

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